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A study space that works for you

In the previous blog we discussed your study plan and the importance of planning time when your are preparing for the IELTS Test. Its also important to consider the space where you will study. You may have already have a special space where you prefer to study, but it’s worth thinking about alternatives that you could work well for you.
We tend to develop habits and continue them. It’s possible that we always use the same place to study but in fact, if we think carefully, we could try studying in a new place or in different places. There may be a different part of your house or flat that could work better for studying. People usually want somewhere quiet where they won’t be disturbed. So think about different places in your home that could be suitable for this.

You need to be comfortable and the place needs to be practical too. Make sure the space is somewhere you are happy to spend time and that it has what you need. When preparing for IELTS, you may need a light, a desk, a computer and a comfortable chair. Everyone has different needs and preferences when studying, so think carefully about what you need and prefer.

It could be that it’s better for you to find a place that isn’t in your home. There are often other options outside your home that are worth considering, such as public libraries, your office or another space. In fact, you could decide to study in more than one place as this might suit you. Sometimes variety can stimulate our motivation or it could be just more practical. If you do use different places, it’s important to keep organised.

Where you choose to study could also depend on your study activity. For example, if you want to practise listening, you could think about listening to podcasts in English using a mobile phone and headphones. This could be while you are walking or on a bus or train journey. However, if you want to work on vocabulary, you may need to be sitting at a desk and have enough space so you can write vocabulary notes. So some places are more suitable for different study activities.

If you are worried about being disturbed, it could be useful to tell the people around you what you are trying to do so they don’t disturb you. Some people use instrumental music when they’re studying and wearing headphones (even without music…) can help stop people from disturbing you!

Think carefully about the different possibilities you have for study space and try different options. You need to make the environment practical and enjoyable. The choice will depend on your own personal preferences and the study activity you plan to do.

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