Writing Correction Feedback Service

Master the IELTS Writing Test with our expert audiovisual feedback


How does the correction feedback service work?

If you decide to practise your writing and get correction feedback, we will send you IELTS Writing Test Questions Pack with instructions. We use a secure payment system for all transactions.

When you complete the practice test you can email it back to us at mail@improveielts.com for one of our expert tutors to provide you with specific correction details using audiovisual feedback.

Access to the audiovisual feedback will be sent to you by email within 2-3 days. This feedback will include complete detailed corrections of grammar and vocabulary mistakes and comments in line with the official IELTS criteria for writing for Task 1 and Task 2.

What is audiovisual feedback?

You will you receive written feedback, but also access to a video recording of the corrections with the tutor speaking to you directly about your individual mistakes and with some recommendations on how to make your writing better. This is why we call it audiovisual feedback.

First, take a look at the video below, in it you will see a typical example of our correction service. In the video, a student gets help working through his paper and the strengths and weaknesses of his essay are highlighted.

We strongly believe that if you want to improve the quality of your writing, you need to get expert feedback to tell you exactly how you can improve. To see the feedback notes is very useful, but to also have an expert tutor talk to you about your own writing is even better! Then you can go on to improve your writing skills and achieve your goals. Why choose us? https://improveielts.com/improve-ielts-about/

Payment Security

At improveielts.com, we take all possible steps to secure your credit card details. We take the matter of internet security very seriously, so you can trust the payment system. As a result, we utilise a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encrypts the data between your browser and our server. By taking these measures we give you, the customer, more peace of mind and confidence to pay online with improveielts.com.


Finally, we are so sure that we provide and excellent service that we offer a complete guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we provide, we offer a complete money-back guarantee.